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wiiHack – Montreal

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First notes from the wiimote weekend at Hexagram (Montreal).

Spent yesterday compiling a list of tactics for accessing data. Will post full results as today unfolds….

Connecting a chuck to an Arduino

Just give me the code!

The solution I am working on is based upon code and examples from:


TodBot — code example and developer of the physical adaptor I am using.¬† This is a great¬† resource — so you may want to start there if you are stuck


Windmeadow Labs

the adapter I am using can be found at sparkfun

High Level Map
Chuck speak I2C — a form of serial communication. You need 2 libraries to make this code work. The first is wire.h — which ships with Arduino. The second is some form of the wiiChuck libraries that others are developing. I have pulled two pieces of code from the above sites to create my solution.

There is nothing particularly novel about this stage — I just moved the power code block from Todbot over to the library from growdown. The samples I found seemed to have this missing.

I am cleaning code but this bundle is working for me. Set your serial monitor to 19200 to see the data in the Arduino environment.


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