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Embodiment / Cameras as Sensors

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Sensors — Part 1:

Today we will explore the use of cameras as sensors. For simplicity we will use built in laptop cameras, tho it is possible to use external cameras.

We will need to grab a few patches:

They are the linear_random patch from last week — which we will look at first. Then we will add some new twists (linearRandomSequence) and connect a camera (moveTrack) to the updated version.

You may also want to grab these additional tracking patches — they do not filter the camera data and are not connected to the playback patches we use — but they have some interesting properties.

In our next class we will look at Arduino microcontrollers and see how electronics fits in to the world of interactivity.


Written by hex705

May 21, 2008 at 11:21 am

Posted in Week 3

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